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Eliminate your SNA traffic with the only pure TCP/IP Controller - the BOSaNOVA eTwin@x Controller. The e-Twin@x Controller can be used either locally or remotely to support all Twinax display stations, printers (SCS and IPDS) and existing cable. It eliminates all SNA, AnyNet, and MPTN traffic leaving the network with a single TCP/IP protocol.

Pure TCP/IP is routable, easy to configure and easy to maintain!


Eliminates all SNA, AnyNet and MPTN traffic
Easy to configure and maintain
Increased network speeds with pure TCP/IP
Integral part of your High Availability plan
Browser based management
And more!

Hear what our customers have to say:

"We've been rolling out e-Twin@x Controllers for three years: 16-, 28-, 56- and 112-device models. You don't do that unless you're very happy!"

"The Controller took over and did everything except say 'excuse me' as it brushed me aside.…the whole process took less than a minute!."

"Converting from SNA to TCP/IP was like night and day-average response time was improved by a factor of 10, from 2 seconds to .2 seconds. Users were absolutely giddy-even those who stayed on 5250 terminals."

"I haven't touched the BOS e-Twin@x Controller since we installed it."

Visit www.michsoft.com/bosanova.htm, email info@michsoft.com or call
(734) 453-4474 to learn more about the e-Twin@x Controller or to request
a 30-day trial.